Working with Alcohol Inks and RESIN 

with Linda Wakeman

Two-day workshop:

Saturday and Sunday,

May 2 and 3, 2020

12pm - 3pm 


Linda looks forward to sharing her secrets in a fun and versatile medium. The workshop will show different techniques of inking tile (and Yupo paper, if desired).


Linda will show us how to make a landscape or abstract with alcohol ink on a 6x6 ceramic tile in the first session. The tiles will be sealed and the next day resin will be applied. The tiles will have to stay till the Monday afternoon before they can be moved.


Once you learn this technique, it can be used for many forms of art, creating fabulous, high-gloss finishes. Linda will show various ways these tiles can be hung on walls or easels, and how to put a backing on them. This is also a great technique for making your own coasters.


  • 3 Brushes:

1/4" Slanted *

1/2” Slanted *

#1 Script *

* Brushes available at The Painted Tree

  • A minimum of 3 inks. Linda’s favourites  are: Poppy Field, Sailboat Blue, Slate, Black, Butterscotch, Sunshine Yellow, and Brown.

  • Blending solution

  • Two 6x6-inch tiles  (available at Home Depot or the ReStore)

  • Cardboard or plastic containers to fit over two 6x6-inch tiles

  • Plastic palette

  • Canned air  (available at Staples)

  • 99% Alcohol  (available at York Pharmacy)

  • Paper towels

  • Torch

  • Art resin

Friendly Reminder: Due to staff sensitivities to fragrances, please refrain from wearing perfume to class. Thanks! 


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