Collage Photo Transfer

Gabia Ferguson



10am – 4pm



Payment can be made be made by e-transfer (, phone with credit card, or in store by cash, credit or debit

This is a workshop that looks at two different techniques of image transfer to add interest to your mixed media projects. We we will be looking at these techniques in combination with collage for resolution however collage is also a fun and exciting artistic expression in itself.


·         In this workshop you will be working on 2 different pieces. Both can be done on Illustration board or you can do one on canvass board. The size of the boards should be approximately 9” x 12” or larger  allowing room around your image for adding collage. A solid substrate is best for this versus a stretched canvass. A variety of boards are available for purchase at the Painted Tree.

·         Regular Gel Matte acrylic medium (I like the heavy body one but just regular will do as well).

·         Acrylic paints, white gesso and oil pastels 

·         A variety of brush sizes including approx. 1” flat.

·         Magazine pictures, photocopies and/or prints of images that you like

·         An image printed onto a transparency (this can be done at Staples or any printing place – choose the image you would like to use and ask them to copy it onto a transparency). High contrast images lend themselves best to this and you may want to consider a black and white image.  I will have some available in class if you can’t get this done. Please note that your image will be reversed when applied to your substrate so if this is not desired, especially where any writing is involved, you need to reverse the image prior to getting it printed on the transparency.

·         Patterned paper, textured paper, wallpaper scraps, tissue, fabric or anything of interest you might like to incorporate into your collage

·         Palette

·         Paper towel

·         Smock

·         Plastic gloves if desired



No previous art experience is required. Just bring your imagination and an open mind and be ready to play and experiment.


Friendly Reminder: Due to staff sensitivities to fragrances, please refrain from wearing perfume to class. Thanks! 


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