High Realism in Acrylic

with Ian Bodnaryk

Two-day workshop:

Saturdays, April 18 and 25, 2020

10am - 3:30pm


An introduction to some fundamental techniques of acrylic painting. Gain knowledge through topics such as colour mixing, surface preparation, paint application, glazing, materials, textures.


In this workshop you will learn the preparation of the painting surface, correct use of materials, colour mixing, paint application with brushwork such as glazing/drybrush, how to create the illusion of texture/form, composition and colour harmony.  This class will be a combination of teacher demonstration and individual practice.  Each student will complete a small acrylic painting. Ian demonstrates each step from start to finish.  

No experience is necessary for this workshop.

Canadian born artist Ian Bodnaryk has been painting with acrylics for over 20 years.  During the beginning of his career he was influenced primarily by the natural world.  His early paintings reflected this and consisted mostly of landscape elements.  Today his interests are constantly evolving, though his main focus features a common subject portrayed in an emotionally charged way. You can see his work here.


Acrylic Paint, Hard Body or Fluids

Titanium White

Mars or Carbon Black

Burnt Umber Light

Burnt Sienna

Cadmium Yellow Medium hue

Ultramarine Blue

Cadmium Red Medium Hue

Quinacridone Red

Hookers Green Permanent

Dioxazine Purple



5 round, 1 round, 0 round Taklon or other synthetic watercolour brushes

1”-2” taklon flat for underpainting



Approximately 8x10

Cradled Birch Panels

Regular or Profile Canvas

Friendly Reminder: Due to staff sensitivities to fragrances, please refrain from wearing perfume to class. Thanks! 


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