Watercolour on Canvas

with Marg Clarkson

Monday, May 4, 2020

10am - 3:30pm 


In the morning, Marg will introduce watercolour on canvas, explaining and demonstrating how acrylic ground extends the use of watercolour to surfaces beyond traditional paper. With Marg’s step-by-step instruction, there will be time to explore and practice the unique techniques involved. After lunch, Marg will continue demonstration and offer guidance as you create your first watercolour work on canvas.

This workshop aims to expand your creative repertoire and to be a fun experience using watercolour in a way that produces lively results.

Payment can be made by e-transfer (thepaintedtree@hotmail.com), credit card, or in store by cash, credit or debit.

Student recommendation from Feb 9th Workshop:  "Thank you so much for all the info and such a wonderful day! I learned so much!!"  Sheila


  • Sketching paper and 2B pencil to plan and draw your composition

  • Canvas: 2 or more good quality stretched canvas (more if you are a fast worker), pre-primed with white gesso, approximately 8”X10” or size suitable to work flat at table with others

  • Absorbent ground (white acrylic primer for water media) -- Available at The Painted Tree

  • Watercolour paint* including:

Cool primaries such as Antwerp Blue, Permanent Rose, Lemon Yellow

Warm primaries such as Ultramarine Blue, Scarlet Red, Quinacridone Gold

Burnt umber

Optional: White gouache (Chinese White)

* Tube paint preferred, either student or professional grade -- Available at The Painted Tree

  • Palette for mixing, white -- can be porcelain or china plate

  • Watercolour brushes** -- synthetic hair rather than natural/sable:

Large round size 16

Small round size 8

Rigger size 2

Optional: Flat wash brush 1”

** Brushes available at The Painted Tree

  • Small foam brush or roller to spread acrylic ground on canvas

  • Paper towels

  • Mr. Clean magic cleaning sponge

  • Optional: archival ink pen such as black ultra-fine Sharpie, watercolour pencils

Friendly Reminder: Due to staff sensitivities to fragrances, please refrain from wearing perfume to class. Thanks! 


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