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Custom Framing

Framing before.jpg

Above shows 'before' below

shows after we've reframed...significant improvement!

Framing after.jpg

Printing on Canvas, then stretched ready for hanging or framing.

As well as custom framing and repairs, we also offer specialized options such as canvas stretching and mounting, plaquing, and printing on canvas.

We specialize in archival framing where required. 

Our many suppliers are high quality manufacturers of framing materials resulting in a broad choice of framing materials to meet any need. 


"Thanks for a nice reframing job Darlene.  It will hang again at our cottage which has been in the family 100 years." — Jim G.— Cobourg.


"I love the new mat on my watercolour. You did a great job. So glad to have it back, looking fine."  —Pat

"Thank you so much for the excellent work! I finally got to see the finished product last night (as I mentioned it was to be a Mother’s Day gift from my daughter) and now it is hanging in my office at work. I love it! Thank you again and I will be sure to come to you for all of my framing needs."  ---Amanda 

"Picture looks great.  Template made hanging very easy.  Thanks for this. It makes the history of the Falklands come alive."  ---- Tim

"Hi Darlene,

Picked up the painting yesterday, it's gorgeous, and it does have a sentimental meaning for us. We have found a spot for it already.

Thanks so much, once again, for your excellent work.

Cheers:) Doris"

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