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Isla Viscount

Living in rural Port Hope, Isla Viscount is surrounded by the natural world she portrays in her art.  She attended the University of Toronto where she continued her high school art training with Colour theory, and design courses complimenting her major in Medical Anthropology. She has worked in pencil, oil and extensively in Watercolour but in recent years has concentrated on Acrylic.  She enjoys the versatility of Acrylic, the vast range from watery to thick and bold.  Her Art has been enriched through the teachings of Zoltan Zabo, Gordon MacKenzie, Jack Reid, Sam Paonessa, Peter John Reid, and Marianne Broome.
She specifically likes to paint the natural world, including landscapes, florals, and wildlife. Isla’s inspiration is the unexpected colours found in nature; expanded and enhanced these excavated treasures bring pure magic to her canvas.

Visit Isla's website to see more of her work.

To learn more about Isla, click here.

Find Isla’s classes on our website under the “Workshops” tab: “Big Flowers”

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