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I began my love of painting about 25 years ago when a co-worker talked me into taking a folk art class. I was hooked. Since then I have taken as many classes and workshops as I could and exposed myself to as many books and videos as possible. I’ve learned from talented friends, small informal classes and more formal venues like the Haliburton School of the Arts. 


The instructor who made the greatest impression on me was Igor Babailov,  "a Russian-born American painter and portrait artist, known for his commissioned portraits of global leaders, celebrities and distinguished individuals.” I was very fortunate to be exposed to an artist of his caliber and the information I learned from him has continued to be relevant. 


A little over 13 years ago while at a crossroads in my life, I decided to enter into the art supply business by opening The Painted Tree.  Since we've opened the business has continued to grow and change according to what's best needed.  


About 3 years ago we expanded our services again to include professional Custom Framing. 


Being so involved in Cobourg and the art community has been a wonderful experience. I’ve made many amazing friends and everyday I learn something new about the art world.

Whoa! Our online auction is officially closed and we are thrilled to announce that we raised $2,505!! This experience has truly humbled us here at The Painted Tree and we wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for participating! BIG thanks to my step Daughter Jes for all her help (couldn't have done it without her) and to my husband Gary for all the support!

Here is a list of our winners: 

#1 $200 to Howard Bouk

#2 $125 to Linda Greenwood

#3 $25 to S. Aaron Kvarda

#4 $30 to Jennifer Darrell

#5 $50 to Joy Vogt

#6 $25 to S. Aaron Kvarda

#7 $30 to Maureen Mullally

#8 $60 to Howard Bouk

#9 $100 to Ashley Clarke

#10 $50 to Howard Bouk

#11 $175 to Ashley Clarke

#12 $75 to Donna Robertson

#13 $100 to Donna Robertson

#14 $60 to Angela Clarke Lagana

#15 $100 to Lanja Fletcher

#16 $65 to Laurie A Gelfand

#17 $100 to Ian McFarlane

#18 $100 to Howard Bouk

#19 $50 to Laurie A Gelfand

#20 $40 to Laurie A Gelfand

#21 $120 to Howard Bouk

#22 $140 to Lanja Fletcher

#23 $160 to Jennifer Stevenson

#24 $175 to Howard Bouk

+$50 donation from Linda Coffee

+$100 donation from Gary Clarke

+$100 donation from Vivian Anderson

+$100 donation from Howard Book


Tel: 905-372-1313


Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm 

CURBSIDE PICK UP when applicable

        Mon - Fri: 10am - 2pm



264 Division Street

Cobourg, Ontario

K9A 3R1

- Art Supplies

- Custom Framing

- Plaquing

- Canvas Stretching

- Custom Canvas Printing



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